Language Express Preschool Speech and Language Services System of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost?

Services are provided FREE OF CHARGE and are available to children from birth until the beginning of their Senior Kindergarten year.

2. Where will my child be seen?

Most children are seen in clinic locations in Brockville, Gananoque, Kemptville, Perth, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place, and Lanark. We see children at daycare or school for consultations, and sometimes at their homes when other locations are not appropriate.

3. Is my child too young for Language Express?

No! We accept referrals from birth to January of Junior Kindergarten. We can help very young children, including babies.

4. Should I worry if my child stutters?

Children often repeat words or phrases when they learn to talk, and many of them will outgrow this. Some won't. A Speech Language Pathologist can tell you if your child's stuttering is cause for concern. It is very important to get help for a child who is stuttering as early as possible.

5. Can a parent tell when his or her child is having a problem in developing speech and language skills?

You talk and listen to your child more than anyone else. If you think that your child has any kind of speech or language problem please call Language Express at 1-888-503-8885.

6. Should I wait until my child starts school to seek help with speech and language problems?

No! 10-12% of preschool children have speech and language difficulties. These children will do much better if they get help with their speech and language when they are very young. If you think your preschooler may have a problem, call right away. Don't wait and see!

7. Is it common for younger children in families not to talk?

Some children are late to start talking. Sometimes younger children find that they can make themselves understood by using movements and noises instead of using their words. Sometimes older children may speak for the younger ones. Parents should make sure that younger children are encouraged to talk just as much as the older ones. It is never a good idea to wait and see if a child will start talking. If there is a problem we don't want time to be wasted before helping the child.

8. If we speak more than one language at home, will it cause our child to have a speech or language problem?

No. Learning more than one language offers many benefits. A child usually says his or her first words between 8 and 15 months, no matter how many languages are spoken in the house.

Exposing a child to more than one language will not cause a speech and/or language delay, or make an existing delay worse.

9. Do I need a doctor's referral to have my child seen by Language Express?

Anyone can make a referral including parents, teachers, doctors, caregivers, and people from other agencies. However, if someone other than the parent is referring your child they will need parental consent.

10. Can a smart child have a speech problem?

Yes! Any child can have a speech or language problem.

11. What qualifications does a Speech Language Pathologist need to have?

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) are regulated health professionals who hold Masters degrees in Communication Disorders.

SLPs are experts in the prevention, identification, assessment, and treatment of communication disorders, including language, speech, voice and fluency disorders.

In Ontario, all SLPs must be registered members of the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO).

12. Is there a waiting list?

Yes, the waiting time varies depending on the time of year and where you live. Children are placed on the waiting list as soon as the referral is made, so don’t wait! We will give you some ideas for things to do to help your child while you wait.

13. I have other questions. Is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! Call our office at 1-888-503-8885 or 613-283-2742.