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Milestones - By 12 Months - Print Version

The developmental milestones listed within each of these age groups mark the progress of young children as they learn to communicate and develop their speech and language skills. If your child is not meeting one or more of the developmental milestones or if you are concerned about your child's speech and language development please contact us at: 1-888-503-8885


  • Simple requests and questions (“no,” “wave bye,” “where is your ball?,” “come here”)
  • Looks at you when you call his name
  • Recognizes new words daily
  • Searches with eyes when asked, “Where’s mommy/daddy?”


  • Uses 3 to 5 different words
  • Copies sounds (“uh-oh”) and actions (arms up, head shake)
  • Makes sounds (gagaga, animal sounds, car noises)
  • Uses actions to tell you things; waves “bye,” points
  • Gets your attention by bringing things to show you, tugging at your pant leg, or reaching for a hug

Play Development

  • Likes it when you sing and do action songs, tries to sing along and do the actions (Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider)
  • Takes turns in familiar games (handing back and forth, knocking down stacked blocks, dumping out of containers, banging on pots)

Teachable Moments

  • Point to and talk about people and things when looking at pictures.
  • During every day activities, use short sentences to talk about what you are doing.
  • Name pieces of clothing and body parts for your child.  Talk about “shoe off, sock off, hat on.”  Play peek-a-boo when putting shirts on over your child’s head.

Things You Can Try At Home

  • Look at board books together and name the pictures your child points to or looks at.
  • Sing simple songs with actions (Ring Around the Rosie, Row Row Row Your Boat).
  • Talk in short sentences (“Want some milk?”, “Oops, it fell down”, “The Kitty is gone.”).
  • Look at pictures of animals and make animal sounds.
  • Take turns playing with bubbles, washing dolls, and rolling a ball.
  • Pediatricians recommend no screen time for children under 2. This includes TV, movies, computer games and Apps on tablets and smartphones. Your child will learn more from playing, talking, and reading with you.

What To Watch Out For

  • A child who does not show many emotions such as anger, fear, joy
  • Two or more ear infections (Talk to your doctor)