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What will happen at my child’s speech and language assessment? When a Speech-Language Pathologist meets with you and your child for the first time, she will be trying to learn as much as she can about your child’s language, speech, social communication, play, and early literacy skills. From your child’s point of view, it will be a fun time playing with toys and books! Learn more within Issue 27 of our Whistlestop Newsletter.


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Does Your JK Child Need Help With Speech and Language? Language Express Can Help!


November Early Literacy Calendar - Enjoy these activities with your child(ren).

New Canadian Paediatric Society Position Statement on Screen Time

The Canadian Pediatric Society recommends families follow the four “M”s when it comes to screen time and young children:

Minimize screen time

Screen time for children under 2 is not recommended. For two- to five-year-old children, limit routine screen time to less than one hour a day. Maintain daily screen-free time, especially at meals and at least an hour before bedtime.


Mitigate the risks associated with screen time

Be present and engaged when screens are used and, whenever possible, co-view with children. Be aware of digital content, prioritizing educational, age-appropriate, interactive content.


Be mindful about the use of screen time

Conduct a self-assessment of screen habits and develop a family media plan for when, where and how screens may (and may not) be used and be reassured there is no evidence to support introducing technology at a young age.


Model healthy screen time

Adults should turn off their devices at home during family time, turn off screens when not in use and avoid background TV.


Read the full position statement.

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